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• French publishing : Phébus
Published in french (2007)
- Une Femme en marche -
ISBN 978-2-7529-0288-7


Australian publisher : Giramondo
Translated in english (2008) by Julie Rose
ISBN 978-1920882389

« I start writing because there is anger inside me that I have to get out. I have to let myself go. There’s a rage inside me against my family, society, school, against everyone who wants to bully you, everyone who wants to keep tabs on you, everyone who wants to control you. What I think of the world, I do intend to say, loud and clear. [...] Every time something stops me from writing, I’ll flee. I’ll wipe people, countries, my job, my obligations, to be able to write. Until a pretty advanced age, the age I am when my first book gets published, no one will really know about this activity of mine [...] For most of my existence, I’ll have a surface life and a second, hidden life: writing. Until I reach thirty-eight, there will be two of me. It's a bit mad and completely schizophrenic. »

This is not an autofiction, but an autobiographical novel in which Catherine Rey speaks her truth. Without concession, she reconsiders her education, her family, the haunting maternal figure and her angst. Thus emerges, from the 70s to the present day, the demanding journey of a woman ready to free herself from her chains to satisfy her need to write.

« It has been a long time since we hadn’t read such a cry of rage and liberty. So much anger, rebelliousness and faith in literature. (…) This book is an encouragement for all those who have a credo, to keep going and never allow themselves to be trampled underfoot. The way Catherine Rey has lived her family and literary running away is narrated all at once with irony and impressive determination. »


Jean-Luc Douin, Le Monde

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