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Documentary resources



• The Lovers:

- “In the picture. The lovers”, Susan Wyndham, Look Magazine, 04/2018

- “Relationships caught in the creative life”, Diane Stubbings, Australian Weekend, 04/2018

- “A nuanced thriller with plenty to say,” Catherine Ford, The Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum, 04/ 2018


• Stepping Out:

- “A manifesto of the artist as a young woman”, Dorothy Johnston, Sydney Morning Herald, 11/2008

• A woman walking:

- “Words to save face”, Jean-Luc Douin, Le Monde, Nov 07

- “A woman on the move”, Fayçal Charif, South West, 11/2007

- “A feather in the village”, South West, 11/2007

- “At the end of oneself”, Air France Madame, Isabelle Potel, 11/2007

- “A woman: The essential book”, Libre Belgique supplement, Sept 2007 “Organ donor”

Michael Zumkir

A walking woman:

- “The creative anger of Catherine Rey”, Gérard Guidier, South West 11/2007

- “Writer of the week, Catherine Rey, character”, Christiane Poulin, South West Sunday,  03/1994

- “The CR writer unveils his universe”, with Jean-Claude Falet, Sud Ouest, 10/2010

• The Spruiker's Tale:

- “Books of the year”, Weekend Australian, Ingrid Wassenaar, 12/2005

- “Tumbleweed tales”, Ingrid Wassenaar, Time Literary Supplement, 08/2005

- “Grim hilarity with life's wicked farce”, James Ley, The Age, 05/2005

- “Emotional acrobatics”, Susan Wyndham, Sydney Morning Herald, 05/2005 

- “Yes, of the never never”, Sally Blakeney, The Bulletin, 06/2005

- “Family Freak show”, Stella Clarke, Weekend Australian, 05/2005

- “Deeps, dark tale holds Rey”, Bron Sibree, The West Australian, 11/2005

- “Darkness in the dust and sequins”, Kerryn Goldsworthy, Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum, 05/2005


• What Jones was saying:

- “Attention talent”,, interview Frédéric Ciriez, 2003

- “A true romantic breath”, Attention talent, Fnac, September 2003

- “Circus novel and other acrobatics”, Pierre Maury, Le Soir, 10/03,

- “What Jones was saying”, Georges Guitton, Ouest France Sunday, 03/11

- “What Jones was saying”, Nathalie Crom, The Cross, 03/10

- “Ignomonie”, Gérard Oestreicher, Le Républicain Lorrain, 10/03

- “What Jones was saying”, Current Values, 03/10

- “What Jones was saying”, Claire Fleury, Le Nouvel Observateur, 03/10

- “What Jones was saying”, Sandrine Fillipetti, Rolling Stone, 03/10

- “The scary bush”, Gérard Pussey, Elle, 10/03

- “What Jones was saying”, Agnès Séverin, La Provence, 10/03,

- “What fate does this fallen star have in store for her centenarian husband? ”, Michel Grisolia, L’express, 10/03

- “The book of the day”, Christophe Henning, La voix du nord, 11/2003

- “Back to school novels”, Read: 12 excerpts, summer 2003 supplement

- “What Jones was saying”, Georges Guitton, West France, 11/2003

- “Magnolita, the tigress”, Dominique Mobailly, Christian testimony, 10/2003

- “History of Jones the Outline”, The Monitor, 09/2003

- “The freaks of the bush”, Franck Mannoni, The number of angels, 10/2003

- “Australia, what a circus”, Michel Vagner, Est Républicain, 10/2003

- “What Jones was saying”, Literary magazine, 11/2003

- “What Jones was saying”, Philippe Dufay, Madame Figaro, 10/2003

- “What a circus! ”, Christophe Mercier, Le Point  10/2003

- “Funny circus in Australia”, Michel Abescat, Telerama 11/2003

- “Back to school selection”, Anne Grignon, Nouvel Observateur, 10/2003

- “The circus of horrors”, Jean-Luc Douin, Le Monde, 08/2003

- “A sad circus of horrors, Catherine Rey stands out in French literature with this powerful novel”, Guy Duplat, La Libre Belgique, 09/2003

• Lucy like the dogs:

- “The bad wind of the bush”, André Rollin, Le Canard Enchaîné, 01/2001

- “Lucy like the dogs”, Literalia, literaturas del mundo francofono, n°6, 2003

- “Story of an existential shipwreck”, Jean-Rémi Barland, Read, 01/2001

- “Back to basics”, interview Jean-Luc Terradillos, Actualité Poitou-Charente, n°53, 09/2001

- “Lucy like the dogs”, Hugo Marsan, the world, 11/2001


• Praise of oblivion:

- “The price of the seagulls crowns Praise of oblivion”, Patrick Guilloton, South West Sunday, 06/1997


• The close friend:

- “Catherine Rey, winner of the literary prize for the time of books, city of Cherbourg”, Manche Libre Hebdo, 10/1994

- “The territory of the father”, Christian Charrière, literary Figaro, 03/1994

- “I am not a writer of happiness”, La Lettre d'Aquitaine, interview, Emmanuelle Audinet, 04/1997

- “Catherine Rey, character”, writer of the week, Christiane Poulin, South West Sunday, 03/1994

- “The intimate friend”, Literary magazine, Claude Mourthé, 04/1994


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