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Give them a voice

Give them a voice gives a voice to the voiceless in a series of filmed interviews directed by Catherine REY and posted on YouYube. 
The people you will listen to are the unassuming men and women you meet every day. You have seen them, but you never really looked at them. 
Because as a white community, we have forgotten our seniors. As soon as they stop working, they feel unwelcomed. A large section of the Australian population isn’t spoken of. The fragility of the body, the shame of becoming dependent upon others, the social isolation, the way people patronize the seniors, including adult children patronizing their own parents, none of these topics are addressed in the public discourse. Elderly are too often packed away to an age care facility without their consent. Having to sell your property against you will and being told what to do as though you were a child is not tolerable.   
Let’s listen to what our elders have to say. Let’s hear how they feel about being rejected and silenced; how they cannot keep up with technology, how they struggle to maintain their dignity in our society. 
(→ Download the user manual to obtain the subtitles of the videos, in French or in another language - PDF ).

© Catherine Rey 2022 - All rights reserved 

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