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Publisher : Gazebo
Published in english (03/2018)
ISBN 978-2-07-078786-9

The Lovers is an arresting tale, a mystery with a low burn tension, which revolves around the disappearance of Lucie Bruyère. The novel unveils the truth about her charismatic yet subtly controlling partner, the world-famous artist Ernest Renfield. The suspenseful story, both police investigation and multi-voiced Rashomon, ends in a dramatic and powerful illumination.

© Gazebo

« The Lovers is an impressive feat of complex and nuanced story-telling. It spans continents, generations, multiple viewpoints, it inhabits characters whose sensibilities and endeavours place them fundamentally at odds. It contemplates what art is -for the artist, artists’ companions, and “consumers”. It ponders how great art can indeed be made by an “appalling piece of humanity”. It illuminates the debasements women suffer in bad relationships. […] This is Rey’s first English language novel -her six works to date were composed in French -which make The Lovers high-wire ambitious. »


Catherine Ford, The Sydney Morning Herald

© Catherine Rey 2022 - All rights reserved 

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